Kansas Association of Private Investigators1

Monthly Educational Feature: June 1997.
Most Private Detectives access credit records during the routine course of their business, and, as we all know, there are legal limitations on that access. These limitations are established by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (begins at 15 USC 1681) and the Kansas Fair Credit Act (begins at KSA 50-701). Congress made some changes to the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act which are mandated to become effective not later than September 30, 1997; the standards may be adopted voluntarily by a consumer reporting agency prior to that date. This means that most credit reporting agencies either have or shortly will make this change. A review of the changes has been made and those most important for private detectives are summarized here. It is important to remember that under FTC rulings, a private detective agency meets the definition of a consumer reporting agency and also meets the definition of a user. Almost all work done by private detectives would qualify as an investigative consumer report which is more extensive than a simple consumer report.

[Summary prepared by KAPI Secretary who is not an attorney]

Permissible uses of consumer reports. When it may be provided:

Reporting of obsolete information prohibited. Information is obsolete after: